The purpose of HOST VISION (HOV) is assisting the general public through innovative ideas and sustainable majors of life through advertising, audiovisual educational programming network and counseling in creative arts, entrepreneurship and professionalism. HOV intends to create a better environment for the less privileged and needy, promote gender equality, uphold for peace, love and unity, provide carrier, moral and spiritual counseling, promote world development programs, and educate the community on environmental safety.


1. To empower the less privileged with income-generating and sustainability skills through workshops.
– Organize entrepreneurship workshops and seminars to create a business mindset in the communities.
– Operate a solidarity fund where members can put together resources to support each other.

2. To fight against unemployment by providing a space for internships, and career and personal development.
– Offer internship placements in the various in the various departments of HOV – Organize career and personal development workshops.

3. To promote community development through sensitization campaigns on sanitation and ecotourism.
– Organize seminars and workshops with focus on community sanitation.
– Encouraging a green environment by planting flowers and appropriate trees to preserve our natural environment.

4. To promote gender equality by encouraging the acquisition of hands-on skills that cut across the male and female gender.
– Carry out sensitization campaigns encouraging youths to embrace careers that cut across the different genders.
– Organize gender-inclusive hands-on skills trainings.
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